Stuff I like

Over time, certain websites, podcasts, blogs and apps have become staples in my life. On this page I document those that have become part of my everyday workflow.

At the moment, the list consists of resources I’d say fit into two categories:

  1. websites, podcasts, blogs and apps that are focused on living a better life
  2. websites, podcasts, blogs and apps that are focused on financial literacy and independence

I suspect this will change over time, but at present, these are the two dominant themes in my information diet.

You’ll notice that the list isn’t huge. A while back I committed to only trying to maintain a handful of sources of learning at any one time. Otherwise it becomes ungainly and you don’t extract from the resources the value that is in them.


fs Farnam Street – mental tools for dealing with every aspect of life

Effectiviology – articles on philosophy that help you think and act more effectively

Strong Money Australia – regular articles on achieving financial independence

Selfwealth – low cost share broker. Get 5 free trades if you use my affiliate link to join up

Kiva – lend money to people that need it more than you

Cal Newport – digital minimalism and productivity

The School of Life – philosophy for the modern age

Tiny Habits – I think this guy has really nailed the mechanics of behaviour change

Ratesetter – peer-to-peer lending. Feel free to use my affiliate link.

The BPS Research Digest – easy to read and understand articles on the latest findings from psychology research


Waking Up – Mindfulness meditation app from Sam Harris

Kindle app for android – for all my reading needs

Raiz – invest spare change automatically. Use my signup link and you’ll get $5 to start you off

Spaceship Voyager – Invest your weekly savings into a diversified portfolio


The Jordan B Peterson Podcast – the psychologist who is probably the individual most responsible for my interest in self-improvement

On Wisdom – what science tells us about developing wisdom

Andrew Huberman lab – neuroscientist discussing how to master your nervous system


Barefoot Investor – sound financial advice


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