Book Index

As you might have gathered already from looking at other parts of this website, I am trying to write a book on Self-improvement and Mental Fitness. I am assembling the chapters as I go on this website.

The purpose of this Index page is to list the intended chapter outline, topics, key points/learning objectives, identify the status of each of the chapters, link to the chapters that can be read, and finally provide a basic ‘keyword’ index that might allow you to find relevant content from the completed chapters.

Essentially it is your easiest way to navigate the content of the book until I have a version that can be read as one document.

Initial drafts are available for the first 7 chapters. I am currently working on Chapter 8 – Process – arguably the most important chapter of the book – Wish me luck! This page was last updated on the 8/03/20.

ChapterTitleKey pointsStatus
1IntroductionWho am I? What is this book?Why did I write this book? Who is this book for?
What do I hope you get out of it?
First Draft
2Mental Fitness and Self-improvement – terminologyWhat is Mental Fitness?
Is it possible to build Mental Fitness?
Self-improvement as a type of ‘everyday’ Mental Fitness
First Draft
3Is this program evidence-based and what does that actually mean?What does ‘evidence-based’ mean?
Why is this an important term for you to understand?
What sources of evidence have influenced my work?
First Draft
4The 7Ps of self-improvementThe better you can describe the self-improvement process, the more effectively you can engage in itFirst Draft
51P – Purpose – why bother self-improving?Reasons for self-improvement from the mundane to the life-changing?First Draft
62P – Psychological and Physical capacities – what things can you self-improve?The kinds of patterns we see in those who successfully self-improve on a regular basisFirst Draft
73P – Principles – what characterises successful self-improvementThe kinds of patterns we see in those who successfully self-improve on a regular basisFirst Draft
84P – Process – how does one self-improve? 10 concepts to get your head around that will help you engage in self-improvement
95P – Problems – what can go wrong with a focus on self-improvement?Self-improvement isn’t all amazing and awesome. What can go wrong with one’s efforts to self-improve?
106P – Personal plan – creating your own self-improvement planGet started on your own journey of self-improvement
117P – Personal philosophy – making self-improvement a part of your personal philosophyCould self-improvement become part of your broader road-map for how you live your life?
12Starting points for self-improvement across different life areasNot sure where to start your self-improvement journey? Try these uncontroversial starting points
13Final wordsReview of key concepts
Where to go if you want to further your self-improvement journey

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