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My name is Gareth. I am a psychologist working in the area of mental health promotion in South Australia.

In 2017, I started a new job, not realising at the time that the new job would trigger in me a strong interest in understanding what constitutes a rewarding and satisfying life and how to build such a life.

As I started thinking about what constitutes a rewarding and satisfying life, I realised it was incredibly multifactorial and I needed a good framework or scaffold on which to put everything I was learning about the topic. I started building that framework in my head.

Eventually I got to the point where I felt I had a decent enough framework to start sharing it. It wasn’t that I felt that I had solved the challenge of defining a rewarding and satisfying life, it was simply that I finally felt I had something to share on the topic. Hence this blog.

My goal with this blog is to write a book on ‘Self-improvement and Mental Fitness’. Mental Fitness is the term I use to broadly describe the things we can do to ‘train our mind’. I believe self-improvement (a commitment to deliberate and continuous psychological growth) is an important aspect of Mental Fitness, so I am kicking off with that as my initial focus. I am writing this book in the public domain so others can share in the process.

To make the process a little easier to follow, I have constructed an Index page as a roadmap to the content as I write it. I am going to be writing content as ‘chapters’. I plan on adding chapters in a relatively sequential fashion which should make things easier to follow. I consider every chapter I put on here as a ‘work in progress’ meaning I will revisit and refine them as I go, making sure to update the Index page as necessary.

I am also using this site as a regular blog. You can visit the blog feed page where I will post content related to my own learning along the way. This might include books I’ve read, ideas or concepts I’ve encountered and updates on the progress of the book. I see the book as a culmination of my own learning, but I don’t intend to stop learning anytime soon.

Finally I’ve also created a ‘stuff I like‘ page where I document websites, apps, podcasts, people and other stuff that is baked into my life and that I recommend to others. You don’t have the like the same stuff as me but you might find something in my relatively short list that is helpful to you.

Thank you for visiting my site. Find out about some of my other projects below.

My other projects

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Let’s build something together.